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TAIDING Automatic Canopy

Innovation & Technology

With the production of piping for pear racks by a first piping making machine in 1997, the Company began to be dedicated to the design, manufacture and construction of mobile curtains. In 2002, TAIDING Mobile Curtain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) was founded to undertake the development, manufacture and construction of agricultural facilities and equipment. A pilot farm was set up too to serve the pretest on facilities and equipment. SOP production modes were laid in order to achieve maximum efficiency of production. The Company also joined forces with the producers who purchased our facilities to form Golden Triangle Vegetable And Fruit Distribution Cooperatives in integration of small farmers into large ones by organization and operation as enterprise. The new enterprise works toward B2B supply mode to increase revenues for producers and develops toward meeting the needs of central kitchens, large chained supermarkets and fast food industry for safe vegetables and fruits.


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Sun, Nature and the Green facility that suits subtropical climate

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TAIDING Automatic Canopy

  • Patented in Taiwan, Japan, China, etc.

    Innovation, R&D, patent

  • By means of automatic canopy facilities, the system is able to:

    (1)fold up on clear days, preventing heat and humidity build-up and enabling ventilation.

    (2)deploy the curtain on rainy days to keep rain off.

    (3)deploy the shade net only when the plants demand a certain degree of sun to minimize the hazards of light and lower the temperatures, maximizing crop.

    (4)develop an automatic system of water & nutrient detection and feeding.

    (5)use a 1.8-liter small growing bag in combination with seedlings growing, temporary planting field, satellite farms and overcoming soil pests, to create a safe and hygienic growing system for achieving the targeted annual production.

    A green facility that suits subtropical climate